Friday, July 27, 2012

The Trouble With Cub Scout Layouts

Ever since my son joined cub scouts three years ago, my biggest struggle with scrapbooking his activities has always been being able to find any kind of Cub Scout embellies. I've found a few different ones online, but shipping for a couple packs of stickers and things is just so expensive. Michael's isn't much help either, they have one (yes, only one) pack of stickers - but it's for an Eagle Scout. Although my son insists he will become an Eagle, that's a long way off. I did find a couple things, too, at Tuesday Morning and was ecstatic about that. However, it does make scrapbooking Cub Scout related activities very challenging and has definitely made me become very creative. For this layout, I used a few things I knew Nathan would want to preserve, and would help me "fill space" in this layout. So, I was able to use his participation certificate, participation patch (because he can't wear it on his uniform), and leatherworking bead holder. I absolutely love this layout and am highly impressed by the super sticky, Super Tape. I was definitely pessimistic that it would work, but it holds the necklace on the page like a boss. lol

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