Monday, July 30, 2012

Scraptastic Club Challenge #1

The rules for this challenged seemed very easy: * you can only use one sheet of patterned paper * you have to use word stickers for your journaling (no hand written paragraphs here!) Sounds easy enough, right? Not so much, not for me at least. Don't get me wrong, I love the layout. However, it's so hard not to just start journaling away. Granted, there really isn't a whole lot to tell. I took Nathan to one of those places where you paint, then they fire it off and it's ready for you to pick up. But I.journal.everything! lol Despite it's challenges, I loved a challenge that took me outside my comfort zone. And, I'm really pleased with the layout. :-)

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Trouble With Cub Scout Layouts

Ever since my son joined cub scouts three years ago, my biggest struggle with scrapbooking his activities has always been being able to find any kind of Cub Scout embellies. I've found a few different ones online, but shipping for a couple packs of stickers and things is just so expensive. Michael's isn't much help either, they have one (yes, only one) pack of stickers - but it's for an Eagle Scout. Although my son insists he will become an Eagle, that's a long way off. I did find a couple things, too, at Tuesday Morning and was ecstatic about that. However, it does make scrapbooking Cub Scout related activities very challenging and has definitely made me become very creative. For this layout, I used a few things I knew Nathan would want to preserve, and would help me "fill space" in this layout. So, I was able to use his participation certificate, participation patch (because he can't wear it on his uniform), and leatherworking bead holder. I absolutely love this layout and am highly impressed by the super sticky, Super Tape. I was definitely pessimistic that it would work, but it holds the necklace on the page like a boss. lol

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christmas In July, Anyone?

I don't think I've ever scrapped "in season," and this year is no exception. lol Usually, we don't have a ton of Christmas pictures; mostly just pics of decorating the tree and opening presents on Christmas morning. This year, however, I have enough pics for probably 4-5 two page layouts. There is just so much going on at Christmastime here in NC. Last Thursday, when I took my son to Michael's for their kids crafting workshop, I picked up a couple paper packs. Usually, I try to stay away from paper at Michael's, most of it is so cheap and thin. These two paper packs, however, are a good weight of paper. They're definitely thinner than cardstock, but a lot thicker than regular paper, and such a great deal! Each paper pack was half off, making them $9.98, and I also had a 25% off coupon - good even on sale items. Such a deal, I got two paper packs for a total of $18.66. With this deal, I bought a pack that is sold under Michael's "Recollections" brand. I felt really guilty buing it because it's Amy Tangerine's "Sketchbook" collection. It came with patterned paper, stickers, vellum and tags; how could I resist?! The reason I feel bad is because nowhere on the pack does it even mention that Amy designed them. And, a couple weeks ago, peaople were discussing this on the message boards. Amy came on and said she had no idea Michael's was doing this, so she's probably not benefiting from it. I.just.couldn't.resist! The other pack I bought was the Christmas paper I used in this layout, and I absolutely love it. I'm pretty picky when it comes to Christmas paper. It's difficult for me to find paper that I like because I like lots of bright colors, and more than just the traditional red and green, with a splash of gold. This collection fits my style perfectly! There are lots of bright colors, yet you still get that Christmas feel to them. I know these aren't for everyone, but they're definitely for me. :-D

Friday, July 20, 2012

Scraptastic July Challenge #2

I love working on the challenges posted on the blog over at For this one, there was a sketch you had to use. In addition, you also had to use feminine paper on a masculine layout, or vice versa. In a way, this challenge was perfect for me. I always want to buy the pretty "girly" papers, but can never use them because I have a son. :-/ Being drawn to these pretty papers is what convinced me that I needed to do a Book of Me album. The papers used in this layout were from the July Scraptastic Club kit and are from the Simple Stories Summer Picnic collection. These papers are so adorable and, even though the style is very country, work really well with a lot of my summer and camping pictures. I had a lot of fun doing this layout.
I've been doing more scrapping lately than I have in awhile, if only I could blog more often. lol What is the secret to consistent blogging? Someone please help! :-) Maybe if I had a set schedule - if I designate days to blogging, maybe then it will get done. Hmmm. . . Tuesdays and Fridays seem like feasable days to try and post. Wish me luck. . .

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Scrapbook Challenge EVER. . .

and it didn't come out as well as I'd hoped. :-/ I did try, though, and that's the important thing. The challenge was from the Scraptastic Club blog, and sounded pretty simple:
create an embellishment cluster using at least 6 items, with no more than two of any one type counting towards your total.
I know, seems easy - but for me, it wasn't. I guess embellishment clusters just aren't my style. It's kinda like scrapping a 4x6 picture all the way on one side of a 12x12 page - I just don't get it. The layout isn't great, but definitely not horrible either. Anyway, here it is: So yeah, not too bad. The kit for this month, "Oh Snap!", is awesome. I can't believe how easy it is to pull layouts together with this kit. I thought there might be some problems (i.e. the pages, being so bright, overshadowing the pictures; so much pinks in the kit, since I have a boy, etc.), but it really is an amazing kit. The cardstock and chipboard squares are bazzill, letters are thickers, and the stickers are Heidi Swapp.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

End of year projects, end of scouting year camping and trying to get myself registered for fall classes, while still finding time to scrap - busy doesn't even begin to cover it! I've been working on the same ONE page layout for two nights now, and I can't seem to get it done. Grrrr, I hate when this happens. I have completed a couple other layouts this week, though. There's this one, with pictures from Autumn's birthday party, who used to be a classmate of Nathan's:
I'm pretty happy with that one, but this layout of the State Fair is another story. I don't know what it is about it, but I'm just not loving it:
On the bright side, both of these layouts were made from some kits I've had lying around since 2005! Glad to finally use them. I made a couple goals over on the twopeas website today, too. My goals for June are: 1. Complete 10 (one or two page) layouts 2. Finish a card carrier I was working to store birthday cards I make. 3. Scan all the "really old" pictures I've been sorting through for a photo book project I'm working on for my mom and her sisters. It's a lot to get done in a month, especially with my son home for the summer, but I think it's an obtainable goal. Happy Scrapping!

Monday, May 28, 2012

"Love" Layout

I did this layout Thursday night, but am just now getting around to posting it. It was made using the June Scraptastic Club kit "Oh Snap!." I absolutely love all the products in this kit, and the layout itself. As much as I like the outcome, this layout was very challenging for me. I wanted this to be the first page in my "Book of Me" album, so I felt it had to exceptional. This is the first layout I've done that only had one picture on it. Also, this is the first time I've made a layout using only products from one kit. I think it came out really well, though.

Happy Memorial Day!!!

I suppose this means summer has officially started, and hurricane season is soon to follow. :-/. Never thought I'd have to worry about such a thing, but I hear we occasionally get them here in NC.

Nathan and his friend Ethan spent three fun hours at the pool, until mom decided it was too hot and we came home for a bit. Grandma is taking the second shift after dinner. Which, of course, is an eternity to two impatient nine year old boys. Hope everyone else has nice weather, too.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Finally. . . My First Post

So it took me about three hours, sadly, but my blog is mostly finished. I'm sure that, like everything in life, it will be a work in progress. It's up and running now, though, so it's time for a happy dance. In addition to working on my blog, it also occured to me (sometime around midnight) that I hadn't made the strawberry pies for the bbq tomorrow. Nathan is really looking forward to it, because it's a cub scout event, so not making the pies wasn't an option. On the bright side, there was no baking involved and it only took me 40 minutes to make two pies. Yay! Doesn't it look delicious though?
Night everyone!